Sara Ehsan was born in Iran and grew up in Tehran until the third grade. She came to Germany with her mother and sister in 1986 and has lived mainly in Karlsruhe ever since, with interruptions in Afghanistan and the USA. She studied Literature, European Art History and Iranian Studies (M. A.) at the University of Heidelberg and is the single mother of a daughter. She has been writing poetry, prose and articles for almost two decades and works as a freelance author, Persian teacher, interpreter and literary translator. She runs writing workshops for BIPOC women. In recent years, she has worked in the humanitarian and social field with prisoners, refugees and mentally ill people with a history of fleeing. Her texts have been published in anthologies and magazines. She has worked on several films and as a jury member at film and literature festivals. In 2021, she was a guest at the Jönköping International Poetry Festival in Sweden and an artist scholarship holder of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

As part of the Tour des Textes, Sara Ehsan wrote the play “Mediha on the run”.
How would Medea be able to enter the EU in today’s world? What would she experience? What would she have to endure? How would she be treated? What would happen to her children? What hurdles would she have to overcome? Sara Ehsan’s Medea / Mediha is not someone with supernatural magic powers. She is neither.
Foto: Titus Tamm