Anwar Kashlan was born in 1982 in Wasserlos, Germany. His parents, Ihsan and Helene Kashlan, met while his father was studying medicine in Prague. His mother is originally from Olomouc, Czech Republic, his father from Damascus, Syria. Shortly after Anwar’s birth, his family moved to Austria. Anwar grew up in Saalfelden and attended the local boarding school. He performed in school theatre and wrote his first play during this time, based on the children’s book “Drachen haben nichts zu lachen”. In 2002, a serious skiing accident confined him to bed and he narrowly escaped death.

He studied acting at the Krauss drama school in Vienna.

Kashlan has mainly written screenplays, one of which he made into a film himself: “Perpetuum mobile”, Vienna, 2005

He wrote his first theatre play “Tausche Herkunft” as part of the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN.

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