Born and raised in Istog, Kosovo, Astrit has been living in Vienna ever since 1996.
He was trained as an actor in Vienna. Engagements as an actor include Gruppe 80, WUK, Festpiele Reichenau, WIENER WORTSTAETTEN, Neue Bühne Villach. Furthermore film and television roles in Nordrand, Balkan Traffic, Die Entscheidung, Tonight is canceled, Der Täter, Kommissar Rex, Medicopter 117, Soko Wien, among others.

As part of the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN, he wrote the play “Armend und sein Wien”, which was presented in a stage reading in October 2009 as part of the writing project “Mein Wien”, directed by Hans Escher. This was followed by a workshop production as part of the “Lost in Migration” project directed by Bernhard Studlar.

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