Barbi Markovic _Ivana Klickovic _WEB

Barbi Markovic, born in Belgrade in 1980, studied German language and literature in Belgrade and Vienna.
In Belgrade, she worked as an editor for the Rende publishing house. She has lived in Vienna since 2009. In 2011/2012 she was city writer in Graz, the results of her city writing project were published in 2012 as “Graz Alexanderplatz”. In 2009, she caused a sensation with the Thomas Bernhard remis novel “Ausgehen” (Izlazenje, 2006). “Superheldinnen” is the first novel that Barbi Marković has written partly in German and partly in Serbian.

She worked on her theatre play with the working title “Halbe Dosis” for the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN.