Bonn Park

The son of two Koreans, Bonn Park was born in West Berlin in 1987 and was not named after a city. After working as a director and collaborating with Werner Schroeter, Frank Castorf and René Pollesch, among others, Park began writing his own texts and staging them, as well as texts by other authors. From 2010 to 2014, he studied scenic writing at the UdK in Berlin and was a guest student at the ZHdK in Zurich, specialising in directing. His films, texts and productions have been shown at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Maxim Gorki Theatre and the Volksbühne, among others. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Volksbühne’s youth theatre p14, where he works and eats regularly.
Bonn Park won the 2011 Heidelberg Stückemarkt Innovation Award with “Die Leiden des jungen Super Mario in 2D”. Another play entitled “Traurigkeit und Melancholie” received the Else Lasker-Schüler Stückepreis in 2014 and was premiered at the Bonn Theatre and broadcast as a radio play by Deutschlandradio. His play “FLANKUFUROTO” premiered at Schauspiel Frankfurt and “TOLERANZIG” at Berlin’s Parkaue theatre. Bonn Park is an author for Henschel-Verlag.aut