Helena Kontoudakis is a Greek-Swiss director with German-Jewish and Asian roots. Even before studying directing at the Basel Drama School, she began staging texts she had written herself in search of new narratives. Her final production of her play “Liebe ist…”, which premiered in Berlin, focussed on the patriarchal influence on interpersonal relationships. Since then, she has sat in on two productions at the Maxim Gorki Theatre and assisted in other productions, including at Ballhaus Ost.
Helena is an honorary member of the Pro Quote Bühne association and campaigns for equal representation in all artistic departments in the performing arts.
Her project STÜCK FLEISCH is a future myth designed to promote the empowerment of talented women in the performing arts, both conceptually and in terms of content.

Helena Kontoudakis took part in the Tour of the Text.

She wrote “Questions I shouldn’t have to answer” as part of the project Entgegnungen.

Photo credits: Christian Borchers