Ibrahim Amir is Kurdish and was born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1984. He studied theatre and media studies at the University of Aleppo, but was banned from continuing his studies after three semesters for political reasons. He came to Vienna in 2002, where he began studying medicine and graduated in 2012.
In 2009, he received the exile literature prize “schreiben zwischen den kulturen” for the short story “In jener Nacht schlief sie tief”.

As part of the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN, he wrote the play “Habe die Ehre”.
It premiered in 2013 with Hans Escheras director at the Nestroyhof Theater, Hamakom. The production was awarded the Nestroy in the category “Best Off-Production”.
He wrote the episode “Voodoo…” for the international writing project NEUROPA.
As part of the Entgegnungen project, he wrote the play “EMM und die Stadt der Witze”.

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