Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, born in 1964, is a playwright, screenwriter and librettist.
She studied journalism, political science and gender studies at the University of Warsaw and completed the screenwriting workshop at the Łódź Film School.

Sikorska-Miszczuk made her debut in 2006 with “Śmierć Człowieka-Wiewiórki” (The Death of the Squirrel Man) and has since written numerous plays for the theatre, including “Szajba” (Loose Screws), “Burmistrz” (The Mayor), “Walizka” (The Suitcase), “Popiełuszko”, “Mesjasz” (Bruno Schulz: The Messiah), “Szeherezada” (Scheherazade), “Album Karla Hoeckera” (Album: Karl Hoecker) and “Kobro”.
Sikorska-Miszczuk also writes opera libretti and scripts for film and television.
Her numerous literary and theatre awards include the main prize and the audience prize at Metaphors of Reality (“Walizka”/The Suitcase) as well as an award at the National Competition for Polish Contemporary Plays, the Gdynia Drama Award for Popiełuszko and the Grand Prix of the Theatre Festivals in Sopot and the Prix Bohemia (CZ) for the audio version of Walizka. She received several nominations at the National Competition for Polish Contemporary Plays. “Bruno Schulz: The Messiah” was voted one of the best contemporary plays in Europe by the European Theatre Convention.

Her plays have been translated into many languages and performed in readings and productions worldwide.

For the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN she wrote the play  “Top Ten Dreams”, which was presented within the Kollektivsalons “Anschlussfähig” in October 2020 at the Burgtheater Kasino in a staged reading.

“Top Ten Dreams” is printed in the book “Anschlussfähig” in the polish original as well as in the german translation (Agnieszka Sikorska) .

Foto: Agata Schreyner