Olga Grjasnowa was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1984 and grew up in the Caucasus. She spent long periods abroad in Poland, Russia and Israel. Graduate of the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. Studied dance studies at the FU Berlin.

She publishes in magazines and anthologies and works interdisciplinarily in the field of media art. In 2009 her short film script was made into a movie as part of the project Ansichtssache of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Goethe Institute Lódz.
Scholarship holder of the 11th Klagenfurt Literature Course, the Jürgen Ponto Writing Workshop 2010 and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (since 2008).
Her first novel “Der Russe ist einer der Birken liebt” was published in 2012.

She won the exil-Playwright Award in 2008 with her debut play “Mitfühlende Deutsche”.