Alexandra Koch: NESTING

Once upon a time there was a queen who wished for a child so badly, but never had one. So she asked her sister if she could help her?Linguistically embedded in an abysmal fairytale world that reflects the power structures of this lucrative trade, “Nesting” explores the issue of surrogacy from different perspectives. About agencies […]

Semir Plivac: Under Construction

As long as nothing happens, everything is fine. One might think so. Alina’s relationship with her ill mother Eva “works” as does her relationship with her boyfriend, the policeman David. A reencounter with ex-boyfriend Luka evokes long past memories and when Eva’s tobacconist’s shop is demolished, past and present are mixed. The construction site (of […]

Svealena Kutschke: no shame in hope

Just out of hospital, three women are standing in a dreary suburban snack bar waiting for the bus. In conversation with the snack vendor, they negotiate issues relating to a community shaped by the idea of the perfect society. And while they enjoy a roast chicken and a curry sausage, a man called Deer sits […]

Felix Krakau: Celebration (Florida)

“CELEBRATION (Florida)” is set against the backdrop of the small American town of the same name and tells the story of longing for the good life and the difficulties of actually living it. In the town designed by Walt Disney, not only the inhabitants have a hard time, but Mickey and Minnie also end up […]

Anna Morawetz: Sunday Fog

For decades, the generations have gathered around the table in the Herrgottswinkel of the grandparents’ house. There is much talk and even more silence. The memoriesare incomplete and clouded. The younger ones ask about the old people’s war past and what it was like back then in the Second World War. And the old people […]

Miriam V. Lesch: Forest

A tree has grown on A.’s balcony overnight. Annoying, because A. actually has other things to do. Unfortunately, the municipal nursery is not responsible for balconies and the forestry office doesn’t have time either. So the tree stays. And it is not an isolated case, because the forest is spreading.“Forest” deals with the idea of […]