Alexandra Pâzgu was born in 1985 in Sibiu, Romania, and lives as a freelance author and dramaturge in Vienna. She writes poetic and performative texts and is interested in post-representation, autofictionalisation and artistic research.
She wrote her first texts in German as part of the Writers Room at Wiener Wortstaetten, and since 2017 has also been part of the European network Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe.

She completed her Master’s degree in Dramatic Writing in 2011. In 2011, her text “In the Air” was awarded Play of the Year and “The H(eden) Garden” won two national prizes. Her texts were staged in Cluj (“Fluorescent Proteins”, 2016) and at the National Theatre in Tg. Mures (“Supernovas” 2017).
“Fluss, stromaufwärts” was developed and adapted as part of the Hans Grazer Scholarship at the Schauspielhaus Wien, as the third part of the poetic-philosophical trilogy about life in European cities.

Alexandra Pâzgu won the exile-drama Award 2018 with her play “fluss, stromaufwärts”.
The play had its world premiere in 2019 at the Schauspiel Leipzig.

Furthermore, she took part in the project Writers Room .
Alexandra Pâzgu was a curator of the international symposium “Female perspectives on contemporary playwriting.
For the project Entgegnungen she wrote the play “Wesentliche Aspekte”.
For window words, Alexandra Pâzgu developed togehter with other colleagues the text “Was bisher geschah”.