Dominic Oley c Severin Koller

Born in 1980, Max Oley studied acting at the Max Reinhard Seminar in Vienna and has been living in Vienna as a freelance author, director, actor and musician since 2008.

In 2010, he was invited to the “New Plays from Europe” festival. He also did the scenic design for “Stück für Stück” at the Schauspielhaus Wien.
In 2011 he was awarded the Literamechana drama scholarship in Vienna. His play “King Lear” premiered at the TAG, Vienna the same year (text/director: Dominic Oley).
He has been a lecturer at the Max Reinhard Seminar in Vienna since 2011.

2004 Vontobel-Prize for “Liebe mich irgendwie…” (Text/Director: Rene Pollesch)
2005/06 Best upcoming Actor NWR
2010 Audience and Jury-prize for the “Newcomer”-Contest at the Theater in der Drachengasse, Vienna, for “Flaneur of Fear” (Text/Director: Dominic Oley)

For the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN he wrote the play “Mein Bullenherz ist ein einsamer Jäger”.