Marianna Salzmann is a freelance author and lives in Berlin. She studied scenic writing at the Berlin University of the Arts.
Her poems, essays and short theatre pieces have been published in various magazines. She is co-founder of the culture and society magazine “freitext”, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012.

Her first full-length play “Weißbrotmusik” won the exil-DramatikerInnenpreis 2009 sponsored by WIENER WORTSTAETTEN and Ikarus 2012 as best youth play and was invited to various festivals.
In 2012 she was awarded the 17th Kleist Prize for Young Playwrights for the play “Muttermale Fenster Blau”.
Her play “Muttersprache Mameloschn” was honoured with the Mühlheim Audience Award as the best play of the year in 2013.
Salzmann initiated the literature workshop “Neue Deutsche Stücke” in cooperation with Ballhaus Naunynstraße and Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin.

Since 2013, Marianna Salzmann has been the in-house playwright at the Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin and, as the head of the independent group “Conflict Zine Arts Asylum”, runs its studio stage.

2009 she won the exile-drama Award with her play “Weißbrotmusik”, which was shown in 2010 under the direction of Hans Escher at the Theater Nestroyhof/Hamakom.

For the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN as part of the writing project NEUROPA she wrote the episode “SS Siggi”.