Michael Hvorecky, born in 1976, is a freelance author living in Bratislava.

He has published three novels and three volumes of short stories to date. Three books have been published in German, the most recent being the novel “Death on the Danube”, translated by Michal Stavaric and published by Tropen/Klett-Cotta in 2012.

Michal Hvorecky studied art history and aesthetic theory at the University of Nitra. In 2004, he was invited to spend a semester at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, USA, as writer in residence. His essays and stories have been published in the FAZ, Welt, ZEIT and Falter. He has been honoured with several literary prizes and has received scholarships from the Literary Colloquium Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation’s “Grenzg√§nger” scholarship.
In 2009, Hvorecky received the International Journalism Prize in Berlin.

Hvorecky’s books have been translated into German, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian and Czech.

He wrote the play “My Austrian Friend” as part of the project Entgegnungen as well as¬† the episode “Kopf ab” for the writing project NEUROPA. As part of the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN, he wrote the play “Slowakisches Institut”.

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