Born in 1990 as son of Turkish parents, Muhammet Ali Bas studies German language and literature, history and language arts in Vienna. Alongside his studies he is active in the field of youth work.

In 2010, he won the first German-speaking Muslim poetry slam in Berlin. Many more appearances in Germany and Austria followed. In 2013, he founded the migration archive “Vielfaltenarchiv” in Vorarlberg. He then wrote the exhibition texts for the exhibition “Arbeyter”, which was shown as part of Emsiana 2013.

In 2016, the play “NARration” was performed at the festival “Der Blick des Anderen” at Salon5. He also performed “Cok güzel ya” as part of Emsiana 2016 – with the graffiti artist Calimaat.
In 2015 and 2016 he took part in the “Texte & Töne” festival of ORF Vorarlberg. He creates “Hängebrücke” and “Es sei so…” as a collaboration with the composer Murat Üstün.

Furthermore Muhammet Ali Bas took part in the EU Project Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe. Beyond Borders? Within the course of another project named Entgegungen he wrote the play “Plastikball mit Bambiprint”.