Olga Prusak, born in 1987 in Vitebsk, Belarus, studied cultural studies at the Belarusian State University. She has been working as a playwright and documentary film director since 2016.
Her first play “The Same Thing” was awarded the Tom Stoppard Prize for Best Debut (International Biennale “Free Theatre”). Her plays are performed by independent theatre projects (Belarusian Independent Theatre, HUNCH Theatre) and state theatres.
She has been invited to various festivals (“LIT: Postdam” literature festival), PEN residencies and festivals (International Youth Theatre Forum of the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Georgia).
Most recently, her play “Scattering Ravens” premiered at the first Belarusian-Jewish festival in Minsk. The play is dedicated to the Belarusian-Jewish poet Moishe Kulbak, who was shot by the Soviet authorities in 1937.

Olga Prusak took part in the Tour of the Text 2023.