Ursula Knoll, born in Vienna in 1981, is a playwright, editor and doctor of literature.

From 2005-2006 she trained as a playwright at the Burgtheater Vienna with David Spencer and Bernhard Studlar. In 2006 she won the Drama X Vienna short drama competition and in 2009 she received the Thomas Bernhard Scholarship from the Landestheater Linz. She studied German, Jewish Studies and Gender Studies in Vienna and Bishkek. She spent longer research stays in Washington DC and Prague.

She has worked on projects with Dschungel Wien, Kosmos Theater, Aktionstheater Ensemble, Landestheater Linz, WienWoche, Klassenzimmertheater and others.

For the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN she wrote the play “der weg ins glück”, which was presented in a stage reading at the Wortstattnacht 2008 at the TAG, Vienna. Furthermore, she drafted the play “netz/nest”, which had its world premiere under the direction of Hans Escher during the course of the writing project Mein Wien in 2009. For the writing project NEUROPA she wrote the episode “Watt”.

In the course of the project Entgegnungen she wrote the play “In der Lücke zwischen dir und mir”.

For the Tour of the Textes Ursula Knoll worked together with Barbara Kadletz on their joint play “Falten im Anthropozän”, which was presented at the Wortstattnächte 2021 in form of a stage reading. “Falten im Anthropozän” is available in the Edition Goldstücke .

Reading sample “netz/nest”

Reading sample “Der Weg ins Glück”