Born in Zurich in 1974, Andreas Sauter studied Scenic Writing at the Berlin University of the Arts. He lives and works as an author and director for theatre and radio plays in Berlin and leads writing workshops and play development throughout the German-speaking world. As an individual author, as well as in co-authorship with Bernhard Studlar, he has written around 20 plays and radio plays in recent years. Among others, Sauter&Studlar won the Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists with their play “A. ist eine Andere”.
Since summer 2015 Andreas Sauter has been co-director of the Dramenprozessor, a funding programme for Swiss playwrights.
Andreas Sauter has received several prizes, work grants and scholarships for his work. The plays are published by schaefersphilippen, theatre and media Cologne.

As part of the Tour of the Text, Andreas wrote the play “Schwemmholz.
A vast landscape.
A clearing. A forest. A meadow.
A woman between times, shortly before the end of the world.
Memories, images, fragments fall into her. A review of her life, while she hopes to wake up and hear the dripping tap in her kitchen.

Andreas Sauter’s new play is a meandering approach to the world, its beauty and the way we deal with it. It is an outcry, an attempt to capture the marks of time in images.

“Schwemmholz” premiered in December 2023 at the Vagantenb├╝hne Berlin.