Charlotte Zorell, born in Vienna in 1996, as daughter of two clowns (no joke, google it). In childhood days she wanted to be a writer and a whale researcher, both of which she has not (yet) succeeded in doing. Since then she has been letting life continue and surprise her. Acting and performance training in the diverCITYLAB in Vienna, graduating with a diploma in 2022. She went to classes given by Asli Kislal, Paola Auguilera, Yosi Wanunu, Hannah Heckhausen, Christian Strasser, Jutta Schwarz, Dennis Cubic and many more. She worked as an actresss in Dschungel Wien, as part of the Burgtheater studio ensemble, in the WerkX, Theater Arche and some more.

Additional dance, piano and Ukulele skills. And always writing. Her final play “LOVE ME TINDER” of the diverCITYLAB Academy in cooperation with director Yosi Wanunu, premiered at the Nestroyhof/Hamakom in 2021 and subsequently performed at Werk X.

Since 2022 she is part of the¬† fixed ensemble in the independent performance ensemble “ensemble ehrlos” in Vienna.
Interested in almost everything, especially life and laughter, music, dance, art and culture, stage,  literature, she always remains tumultously seeking the new.

Charlotte Zorell is participating in the Drama Lab 2024 within the programme of Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe. New Voices.


Photo credits: Agnes Zorell