Exilpreis 2018

An initiative to promote contemporary drama by WIENER WORTSTAETTEN and Schauspiel Leipzig in cooperation with Verein exil – zentrum für interkulturelle kunst und antirassismusarbeit.

We are looking for full-length plays that have not yet premiered and deal with the topics of identity, integration and life between cultures in the broadest sense.

All texts must be written in German by the authors themselves, regardless of their origin. Translations are not permitted. There is no age limit.

The exile playwright prize comprises of €3,000 prize money and a world premiere of the winning play at Schauspiel Leipzig. A separate contract will be concluded between Schauspiel Leipzig and the author regarding the performance royalties.

Please submit the plays in pdf format and additionally: short biography and bibliography as well as address, telephone number and e-mail address of the author.

Submissions are possible from now onwards until April 30th 2024.

We look forward to your plays!

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Previous winners:
Semir Plivac (2007), Ana Bilic (2008), Marianna Salzmann (2009), Olga Grjasnowa (2010), Azar Mortazavi (2011), Valerie Melichar (2012), Susanne Ayoub (2013), Barbara K. Anderlič (2014), Christian Maly-Motta (2015), Mehdi Moradpour (2016), Amirabbas Gudarzi (2017), Alexandra Pâzgu (2018), Emre Akal (2020), Giorgio Ferretti (2022)