Dietrich Machmer, poet, born 1966 in Worms/Rhine (Germany). Grew up in North Holland and South Bavaria. Graduated from high school in Munich in 1984. Studied art history, philosophy and economics in Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg.
After various professional activities, including bookseller, translator, stage worker, environmental consultant, today author and art historian in Hamburg.
Poetry publications in anthologies and journals, most recently in: zeitschrift der schule für dichtung wien #4: sfd & tiere, Vienna 2022.
Machmer, Dietrich: Ende der Kampfhandlung, Horlemann Verlag, Angermünde 2016.
Literature Promotion Prize of the City of Hamburg 2000 and 2011. Martha Saalfeld Literature Promotion Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate 2017.

For the Sommerloch ’23 he wrote the mini-drama “Schonhaltungen“.

Dietrich Machmer participated in the Drama Lab 2023. His play Discordia was presented in a stage reading at the Wortstattnächte 2023 in November 2023 and is available in our Edition Goldstück.

Photo credit: Anna Zehetgruber